Jules Lemelle

Tang Pony at the SAMA; Photo by the Artist

I attempt to let the work reach it’s own “desired” result, or put another way, it’s own visual conclusion.  Some paintings are “revisited” if further “clarification” is requiredThese works include acrylic and oil painting; the pastels are excluded from this process, as they are fixed, and under glass. The style of art is adopted from legends that I personally admire; Wayne Thiebaud,Monet, the Impressionists.  Let’s not forget Matisse either. The natural symmetry found in graceful lines of the horse are transmuted into the better designed sportcars, and applied to my canvases.  Tang Dynasty ponys resurrect the spirit of defiance toward death, serving as vehicles to new life. Landscape and personal objects fill most of my canvases, and those that await. My formal art education began in the early 70’s in San Antonio, Texas at San Antonio College under the Chairmanship of the late Mel Casas. I learned the finer points of sculpture from Renzo Fencci while at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California under a Library Fellowship and Ford Foundation Grant, as Otis merged partnership with Parsons School of Design in 1979. While working for a research & design firm in Honolulu , Hawaii, my design input developed into two state of the art businesses known as Whole Foods and Central Market. In Texas I became an Artist In Residence with Texas Commission on the Arts & SAISD.


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My paintings usually begin with a model as a point of departure; once the image begins to develop, it's no holds barred. I give each canvas free rein as to which direction it takes. I follow it's urging.

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