Julienne Knowles

Julienne is a San Antonio-based artist born in the Caribbean and grew up traveling and living in east and west Africa. She has lived in Mozambique, Uganda, Guinea, Togo and Ghana. Her travels have had a strong influence on her identity and artistic influence. Julienne strongly relates to the third-culture model due to her diverse cultural influences. The melange of influences manifests itself in her work with subject matter and color palettes that traverse cultural boundaries.

She primarily works with acrylics, oil pastels, alcohol inks, and markers. She uses both abstract expressionist painting and doll making as vehicles for storytelling and representing minority voices. Her dolls are a tool of self-reflection and a visual diary of her muses and experiences. She is largely inspired by her ancestry and ancient traditional healing modalities and spiritual practices which she hopes to bring more cadence and respect to especially in the modern, westernized world.

Julienne also uses the art of doll making and papier mache figurines to archive and explore history, femininity, ancestry, and stories from marginalized communities. Her doll making workshops are opportunities to connect the community with this beautiful and healing art process while facilitating connection and storytelling. In her work you will find an intimate manifest of her lived experiences and ancestral inheritance.

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