Justice Graham

I look at art as a way to explore your own personal relationships and internal struggles; to examine them. With my work, though it is often difficult to escape narrative, I enjoy expressing short glimpses into worlds that help to shape ideas around identity and self, including the loss or discovery thereof. Currently, I focus on themes surrounding self-awareness and finding one’s place within the world. I want to explore what makes our individuality unique and how our perception of what humanity should be can affect the individual. My own identity crisis drives my work. Being of mixed nationality, trying to find a solid place as a minority among minorities has been difficult. There is usually a large abundance of Japanese influence in my recent work as much of it has been focused on finding myself and who I am. The idea of finding oneself through art has always been a huge influence, as I use art as a means of therapy and work through problems by allowing my content to be the answer to my questions. Much of my work contains a child-like representation or animalistic entities; their identity is much more solid and without the questions of who or why they are. Doll-like or idealized subjects pepper themselves throughout much of my artwork. Most people either question or embrace who they are and where they came from and as such, have the ability to relate to my work.  As the world progresses into a mixed bag of nationalities and backgrounds and we are exposed more and more to o

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