Kassandra Ayala


Kassandra Ayala is a singer-songwriter-rhythm guitarist from San Antonio, Texas. Having been part of folk-rock duo Nemo & Kass for several years, she released her first single as a solo artist in summer of 2019. Her Mexican roots play an essential role in her music by bringing an eclectic element to her style. With a voice that is emotionally heavy and raw, she is able to bring listeners to an introspective yet comfortable cottage-like place. With her use of overarching themes in love and beautiful complexities of human emotions one can find her music to be their new favorite flavor. Her songs are melancholic, nostalgic yet a little offbeat. Ayala was surrounded by various types of music growing up, in adolescence she was heavily influenced by old AM
radio, singer-songwriters of the 70s, surf rock, Alt-rock, the country-blues, vintage Mexican pop ballads and the great American songbook.


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