Kat Cadena

And yet, we bloom, 10’ x 20’ acrylic mural installed in downtown San Antonio, Texas. 2020. Location: Intersection of E Houston St. & Navarro St. Awards: Best Mural in San Antonio 2021 San Antonio Current

Kat Cadena is a multimedia artist, celebrated muralist and independent illustrator. She was raised by multiple generations of strong, proud and fierce mestiza women in San Antonio, Texas. She is known for her bright pink mural And Yet, We Bloom, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio on Houston & Navarro St., as well as unflinchingly emotional and colorful portraiture of feminine-identifying subjects. Her latest mural, Dreamin’ of Xochitlalpan, is on Congress Ave. & W. 5th St. in downtown Austin, TX at Mexic-Arte Museum.

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