Khary Nkosi

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist in the chosen mediums of literary writing, music production, photography, and pen drawing. Mainly, under the moniker: pressx, I produce musical compositions. I speak through instrumentation with emotion, layering it with spoken word. Two conversations going at once and becoming harmonious, that is my musical expression of self; I like to think of this expression as my natural harmonies. I aim to accomplish the expansion of thinking outside of the box for the listener and myself.

Artist Statement

The current period of my life is one where I am not under a self-imposed deadline to create. I create freely and have dedicated my life to pursuing my artistry full time. There is not a separate life to live from my artistry and I only get one go at this human experience. My artistry will always reflect the happenings and imaginings of my life. The theme of my current project, afterthought LP, is self reflection and a series of musical pieces that tell a story. The main concepts are based in introspection, relationships, culture, positivity, heartbreak, wonder, freedom, pure imagination; packed into spoken word by way of story telling. I create to free my mind. The project is an original and imaginative approach to music composition by not practicing contemporary norms in its perceived genre of music. My sound is influenced by Hip-hop, Rock, Reggae, Electronic, House, Classical, World Music, and Time and Place.

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  • pressx : tiny desk (home) concert. i am not affiliated with or paid by npr.

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