I am an artist primarily based in video-making! Many people including myself have found comfort in escaping reality through movies and TV shows. I found I can bring this comfort into a reality by creating my own world within filmmaking. I love to create videos that blend genres and style such as documentary style fiction and vlogs. I’ve relocated to San Antonio in 2005 where I have worked with local musicians and event planners to produce promotional content for the community.  In 2017 received my A.A.S. in Digital video and cinema production.


Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Last year I've created a YouTube channel where I create content that explores the millennial experience while living in San Antonio. We've all shared feelings of hopelessness, living regretfully and the monotony of daily existence. I hope to use this platform to entertain and relate to others who may share the same feelings. Although I do not consider my self a conventional artistI hope to inspire others to be able to create what they like without second guessing themselves and despite potential judgment from others.

This year I hope to create a series of mini documentaries about niche social subjects within san antonio.

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Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: African American/Black Art

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