Lakey 360 Hinson

Nowadays I’m mostly known for my impermanent sidewalk chalk art made mostly of free hand circles, but when I first got into art in San Antonio, it wasn’t the visual kind. I showed up to Sam’s Burger Joint for PuroSlam, aka the heckle dome aka the roughest slam poetry stage in the nation…I was pretty bad for the first few years but I eventually made it on three national teams mostly writing about growing up in foster care, political stuff, and stream of conscious strange stuff.

Bridging these two different artistic expressions was me getting into visual art after a few months at San Antonio Community College, a couple years volunteering on the west side at Inner City Development, then several years traveling the country sharing my art on the streets. After being nearly completely ignored the first year, I got a suit, tie, and suitcase from the downtown Goodwill and started posting up on the sidewalks drawing beside a sign saying “Grandma says I need a job wearing a suit and tie…this is my compromise.” This sign would end up traveling all over the country with me as I traveled by bus and train sleeping on the couches of strangers, on the streets, and occasionally at hotels and hostels.

I have grown tired of the traveling lifestyle and I just want to use my skills to thrive, inspire, and collaborate with so many of the other artists, activists, and community minded people and groups I can.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I create impermanent art in public places to inspire others to be creative, to provide unexpected color, to make people think, and to inspire others to reclaim our public property and use it in a positive and uplifting way. Much of the time the aim is just to make something pretty that doesn't offend the same time, I do try to address important issues when I feel it is necessary.

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