Laura Delmis R. Jimenez

Laura Delmis (Lalita) 

Born in the Panama Republic, and currently residing in San Antonio, Texas.  I am a Visual Artist specializing in acrylics and mixed media work.  My beginning in the arts started while studying drawing, painting and sculpture at the Centro Nacional de Arte y Cultura (The National Art & Culture Centre) in the Panama Republic.  It was there where I fell in love with the vibrant colors, painting style and portraiture influenced by the Panamanian Folk Culture, that you’ll find in my work.  I obtained my Interior Design Certification at St Mary’s University, San Antonio and have served as an Art Educator for over 5 years.  I had the honor to be an instructor/art educator at the former Inspire Fine Arts Center, the Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital, SAMMS Ministries, Woodlawn Elementary and several other community outreach programs in the City of San Antonio. I wholeheartedly believe, Art makes our world a better place and there’s much healing in the creative process for all to find!

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