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Lauren De Hoyos is a mixed media artist with a Bachelor’s in Photography from The Art Institute of San Antonio. Currently resides and creates in San Antonio, Texas using mediums such as acrylic, oils, plaster, floral, and other mixed media. Most works of art remain black and white made with the intention to showcase contrast and abstraction, and to intrigue questions within oneself. Influenced by all subjects in the world, especially by Renaissance Art, line work, an organic feel, interactions, and emotions.

From creating at a young age, art became her passion, from starting her business in 2019 by receiving her DBA, giving her art the name Laurae, and began as a clothing business that is now offering art prints and clothing combined. Past accomplishments with the focus on photography, in issues/galleries like SA Current, and Freight Gallery have led Lauren to use her photography skills (Adobe Programs / Photography) to market and showcase her work professionally. This year art prints are now incorporated for the liveliness of your home, studio, office space, and/or business.

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