Lauren Hillard


Kiwi.Tabasco is a lifelong creative. She’s always had a love for drawing and painting, and debuted her first collection in the fall of 2020. Most of her work is acrylic on canvas and paper, although her new collection includes some mixed media. She’ll host her first virtual art show, “Tabascian,” on Friday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Much of Kiwi.Tabasco’s work is graffiti-inspired. One of her first pieces came to life when she found an abandoned can of spray paint near a garbage can and used it to cover a canvas. It’s no surprise that one of her biggest influences is Jean-Michel Basquiat who as a young artist was immersed in graffiti and hip hop culture.

Among her favorite pieces are “Frank and Fran,” her first large-scale works. She says they remind her of a cute couple. “Meh Nah (I Am Not)” is especially significant to her as it represents a person speaking up for themselves and standing square on their block and their truth.

When asked what she hopes viewers will gain from her work, she says her wish is that they will embrace its warmth, go deep to connect and question their perception of spirituality.


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