Linda Killman

"Knowledge" illustrates knowledge and support. Dedicated to my Mother born a migrant farmer, became a lawyer, a pillar of support to all she touched--died of dementia.

I’m San Antonio born, essentially self-taught painter and consider myself to be a lifelong student of art.   In my formative years, my father, the late Jesse Garcia, an artist and wood sculptor, took me to art exhibitions and openings, all around Texas, weekend after weekend.  I spent every free moment at my father’s gallery located at Hemisfair Plaza in the 1970’s.   I attended art classes along with the adults at my father’s studio.  I was immersed in my father’s art world, surrounded by his diverse group of friends, artists and gallery owners, which laid the foundation for my strong sense of art.  In the early 90’s, while in my mid-twenties, and painting on my own, I experienced my first gallery exhibit. Unafraid of criticism and eager to learn, I took a stack of work to Richard Conn, owner of Nueva Street Gallery then located in La Villita. Mr. Conn liked my work and was drawn to my contemporary style.  I eventually moved to Germany and opened my own art gallery.  It was  the hardest work I ever loved!

I continue to develop my art, a range of works from impressionism to the very abstract.  I believe my best work comes from the energy of life.  Life forces us to experience, I try to symbolize that moment in time.  Embracing death as a part of life makes me a conscious part of that energy, it allows me to express that presence in a different form.  I will always be a student of Art and a contributor to the community.  Ask me to donate art to a caus

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