Lisa Sosa

As a native Texan, Lisa Sosa has always loved the performing arts. As an actor and filmmaker, her goal is representation of the female Hispanic voice. She’s pursued her career in Texas, New York, and Chicago. She loves being a multi-hyphenated artist, and is a big supporter of other women pursuing the arts. While acting is her first love, her foray behind the camera has yielded four films to date. She loves the filmmaking medium because it allows for a wider reach to audiences whom she may never meet. Eliciting emotion from actors as a director, and an audience as a filmmaker is her goal.

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It is my hope that my work represents those who don't often see themselves in film and television. As an actor, I felt limited because many casting directors and filmmakers only saw me as a stereotype and not a person. It's a goal of mine to break those conventionalized beliefs surrounding Hispanic women, and women in general. I always create with women in mind when I'm writing a script, while also giving them rich inner lives and motivations. Filmmaking is stressful, but the reward of seeing something you wrote and directed come to life, is so worth it.

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