Lisa Suarez

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Lisa Suarez is a long-time Jump-Start Performance Co. member out of San Antonio, TX with over 30 years of performance experience, including TV and film.  Suarez has toured with other companies including the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (San Antonio, TX), Su Teatro (Denver, CO), and Mixed Blood Theater Co. (Minneapolis, MN).  Productions she most enjoyed being involved in include Mixed Blood’s staged production of ROE by Lisa Loomer– which she is excited and honored to be returning to reprise her role as Connie–and imagine a u.s. without racism by Seema Sueko, La Carpa Aztlan Presents: I Don’t Speak English Only by Anthony J. Garcia, Deferred Action by David Lozano, and the late Sterling Houston’s High Yellow Rose, a “colorful”, if not satirical, telling of the Alamo’s history, written for, and performed by an all-female cast. Suarez also has a playwriting credit with I’ll Remember For You (Yo Me ‘Acuerdo Por Ti), a two-person bilingual semi-autobiographical play about her experience as a caregiver in which she portrays her own mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s. TV and film credits include roles in “From Dusk Till Dawn” (TV series), The Leftovers (HBO TV Series), “Lonestar” (Film by John Sayles), and “From Mexico With Love” (Film by Jimmy Nickerson). Suarez is a graduate of the University of Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX).  Suarez has music and dance experience.

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As a “niña chiflada”, I remember loving to make my Abuelos laugh with my “actuaciones” and impersonations of the novela actors and cantantes of back in the day! As a “grown-up,” those memories still fuel my love of performing.

Today, I am probably best described as a Chicana actor born and raised in San Antonio, TX. However, I am more than just an actor. I’m a creator and collaborator of nontraditional artwork and performance.  I am multidisciplinary in skills, thanks to the many artists, directors, and mentors I’ve worked with and learned from.  I’ve discovered that “my way” is one that welcomes both traditional and contemporary nontraditional approaches – often spooning in a dose of my own special sauce of irreverent humor.  My hope is to create more work that documents not just my experiences, but uncommon domestic dynamics and relationships, particularly highlighting “her-stories” of overcoming loss and different forms of oppression and the ways we cope and heal. It is my intention to offer unique perspectives and interpretations in my performances often absent in mainstream culture.

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