Lucien Alegre

Lucien Alegre, from Avila Spain, has been playing Rumba Flamenca for the last 25 years. Lucien learned to play Flamenco guitar and cajon from his father when he was young and from Members of the Gipsy Kings. Along the way, he deviated from traditional Flamenco and discovered the lively and upbeat rhythms of the Rumba Flamenca. He was drawn in and embraced the rhythms of the Rumba, as it shows in his unique style of playing. He has been influenced musically by some of the great Gipsy Rumba groups from France and Spain, such as the Gipsy Kings, Kiko & Gipsyland, Los Ninos de Sara, Chico and the Gipsies, Manitas de Plata. Lucien is also 4th generation Former member of Gipsy Kings who is Kiko & Gipsyland with Kiko Motos another original Former member from back in the 1980s. Lucien always puts God and family first, as it helps him with his passion that he has for his music. With a wonderful and beautiful family, Lucien loves spending time with his children, and loves teaching them his craft. We invite you along to enjoy the love and passion in which Lucien expresses through his music.


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