I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and doing digital art for over 10 years. The kind of digital art I do is just like drawing on paper, except I draw on a screen!  I typically draw in an eastern style, which many know as “anime”, and I like using a lot of bright colors in my works with cell shading.

Usually I will go around to different events and sell prints of my works as well as other, smaller items like stickers and pins with my art. San Japan is one of the shows I go to sell at (an anime convention here in San Antonio)! Soon I plan to open an online store front for people to order said merch from and even commission me. Around 2020, I started streaming my art processes on Twitch with a virtual avatar (since I dislike being on camera). So far it has been fun; I enjoy having people watch my creative process and interacting with the live chat. My goal is to one day become a full time content creator, and would love to be able to make a comfortable living off of my art.