Lynette Aleman

Bat Allison photo by Jojodancerphotos

Bat Allison musical influences range from 70s punk, skate, afro, hardcore and pop punk to rock, soul, funk, metal, jazz, and more. Members are Lynette Aleman, Lead Singer and Bassist, R.J.  Huston, Guitarist, and Grant Turner, Drummer.  

Lynette Aleman is a song writer, vocalist and bassist for whom the spirit of music has always been a burning flame. She fell in love with singing at an early age staging family concerts and was trained in Opera in College.  After years of being in the music scene as a spectator she decided to start her own original band and that is Bat Allison. With the help of her husband, a professional bassist as well, she picked up the bass and found her calling as both a bassist and songwriter. When not writing music or playing, Lynette is also is also a film producer, director, actor and co-owner of Cheval Noir Films. LLC. 

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