Lynn Maverick Denzer

Dia de los Muertos at La Villita

I am a 5th generation Maverick descended from the Samuel Agustus Maverick family, who were the 1st Anglos to settle San Antonio in the 1800s. His grandson. my grandfather Maury Maverick Sr, had much to do with the pursuits I chose to relate to. MMK was a politician fighting for equality of human rights and he sought cultural awareness and justice.  His views were not always popular with the mainstream and he lost his 2nd mayoral election because he stood up for activists such as Emma Teneyuca, ho fought for the rights of her people. He was interested in the native and Hispanic culture of Bexar as shown in his work in saving La Villita Historic Arts Village and enhancing its charm by procureing moneys from Roosevelts New Deal programs and  establishing a cultural relationship with Mexico.  All of this can be read about in the book Old Villita and La Villita Continues. I, Lynn Maverick Denzer, republished the first part and added the last part La Villita Continues which has several of the watercolors that I painted when co oping in one of the galleries there After retiring from secondary  art and reading  teaching.  (now out of print but a goal is to reprint for sales)  From other family members and my grandfathers social views my mother got her artistic skills and activist outlook always encouraging my demeanor and artistic skills. My interest in pursuing art comes from a combination of varied interests of life’s mysteries and of plenty of practice and experience in the ... view more »

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  • I think that all art is symbolic whether intended by the artist or conveyed as meaningful by the viewer. Growing up around nature I seem to have a good idea of beauty and grace, so composition is a process I enjoy more and more with each piece.  I will say that as an artist I claim the freedom to be experimental in medium style and subject. There are  occasions when a gallery will present a theme and I am able to use my experience to create within those parameters and still have plenty of room for creative expression.  Recently I did an expressive exhibit for the people of Uvalde and their tragedy of losing precious family members.  Perplexed as to how to go about this exhibit, one day cloud gazing, I saw a phenomenal cherub cloud in the sky and rushed to paint it and then created several more angel and healing, hopeful and related paintings. This and some of my statement pieces I know are the closest I got to meaningful purpose though I know as meaningful as it was to me it didn't solve the problem of violence in community. This brings to mind my participation in the Arbol de la Vida, Margarita Cabrera community sculpture project I was a part of because she is an activist that created a project about gun violence in another city.  I think we are very vulnerable to the influences of our surroundings and must choose with caring and a consciousness what we value as right and wonderous. To be able to express this in an artistic way is a gift that can be shared with others.

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