M. Mellissa Marlowe

I am a performer, writer, designer, and director for the theatre.  My aesthetic is simple – the words are where it’s at!  The spoken word is powerful – enough to change the course of history. When combined with beautiful spare visual and musical elements, the spoken word makes magic happen.  I specialize in bringing new and newly adapted works to modern audiences.  Classics are deemed so because they speak powerfully of universal human emotions.  They may be updated simply to communicate with today’s theatre audiences, which are constantly changing and growing.  I believe in theatre as collaborative effort.  The Theatre is a place where all the arts may come together to create one work – visual art, media arts, music, and dance are all elements of modern theatre production.  It takes a village…  As an educator, it is my job to bring a new generation to the theatre, not only as performers, designers, and technicians, but also as audience members.  I help others to experience and understand the power of live theatre – the most powerful means we have to share our stories with others.

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