Maddie Ramos

Madeline Ramos (she/her) is a queer artist and native San Antonian. Being from an immigrant family, and raised in a multicultural background (Filipinx-Chicanx), the concept of identity and labels has always been interesting to her. Drawing inspiration from growing up on the Westside of San Antonio, she is driven by a strong sense of community and is committed to fostering it where she can. Ramos aspires to create collaborative spaces where art isn’t just encouraged, but inevitable. Her mediums include devised theater, scriptwriting, poetry/spoken word, performance art, ephemeral installation, photography, and digital mixed media, and she combines them in work that is playful and nuanced. She will explore violence against womxn and their bodily autonomy, immigration, and environmental racism.

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My art practice is mostly "rasquachismo". My main influences for my art is the blending of cultures and my community in San Anto. I value lived experiences and my main goal as an artist is to uplift voices and translate those stories in an authentic way with so much love. Everything I do must have corazon. My favorite intersection to explore is where art meets activism.

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