Marcos Medellin

My name is Marcos Medellin. My work at an early age involved much metal work, due to its solid yet somewhat easily malleable structure. I’ve lived on the south side of San Antonio from an early age and grew up with a strong heritage from my family and the many experiences that living in San Antonio brought to me. I joined the after school program SaySi in grade school and stayed involved in the arts throughout my entire life, eventually graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2018.

Historically, my work originally revolved around the growth of myself into adulthood through a Matriarchal based family. I would express the strength and thankfulness to my history through material sources that displayed the true power of ones family lineage. Mixing contradicting materials like rock and yarn, metal and foam, I would show the strengths of these historically gendered materials and emphasis the strengths of my own matriarchal foundations that I grew up with.

I have recently been more interested in the involvement of the entire city space as a way to express my opinions on where I grew up and how the south side itself is changing into an unrecognizable area of town to my own memories. Working with ideas of physical and spiritual defense mechanisms, I respond through these changes with collecting unacknowledged pieces of history. Asphalt from a renewed road, window security bars, forgotten fencing, these objects hold memories of a time that I try to call back to in

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