Tempe Festival of the Arts, \\\"Spring in the Desert\\\"


Margarita Maldonado has been drawing for as long as she can remember.  While she dabbled in oil painting and watercolor, she started street painting about fifteen years ago and quickly fell in love with the medium. Community interaction and being able to share the art process with others is the joy.

Margarita lives in San Antonio, Texas. 


Artist Statement

I love color, I love working outside, I love sharing art and the art process with other people.  When I first started doing my street paintings, I had no idea that the art of street painting could be traced back to the sixteenth century and the Italian Madonnari , itinerant artists who reproduced church paintings onto the pavement for the public.  Suddenly, my chosen form of art made sense.  It was as if I had found my people. 

On the street, on the sidewalk, I can share beauty. 


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