Maria De Los Santos

My name is Maria De Los Santos, I am a proud Mexican Artist raised in SATX. When I say artistry & entrepreneurship are in my blood, I really mean it! I am currently in the non-profit Education sector, here I’ve found how my culture & community plays a part in me giving back through service & entrepreneurship. I’ve contemplated in launching due to fear, comfort, & doubt. But I choose to break the shackles in faith and take the risk and expose my creativity to the world! I have been an artist from a young age, taking art classes all through school and in college taking acrylic painting class through my college career. Upon graduating from college, I designed, built, & decorated a Tiny House. This is where I found my love with working with my hands, building furniture and using different mediums to stage/decorate my home. Earlier in the year I began working with clay & developed a love for jewelry making. When I tell you I feel naked without earrings I mean it, I don’t know if you feel the same.
With this being said — My mission is to create beautiful, handmade jewelry, decor & more to make you feel your most powerful/confident/sexiest self.  Supporting this business will enable me to continue empowering women in their everyday life. As some of you all know I truly love mentoring, supporting and empowering others in everything that I do!
Thank you for your support! I appreciate you all.

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