Mario Alvarado


Hello, my name is Mario Alvarado, I was born in San Antonio, Texas. As far as I can remember, my family were migrant workers working in the fields picking fruits and vegetables until one year a farmer in up-state New York offered my family work year-round. So, because of that I went to elementary school in upstate New York. As I child I always loved drawing because it was a way for me to escape and be creative at the same time. We lived in New York for 6 years and eventually came back to Texas where we lived in the Valley, and I went to Mission High School. During my high school years, I was one of the top artists taking every art class the school had to offer. After graduating, I joined the U.S. Navy and served for four years as a Gas Turbine Technician GSM3. Serving in the military truly was a journey and I got to travel the world visiting many, many different countries. After the four years, I came back to San Antonio and joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a Staff Sergeant working in Logistics at Kelly Air Force Base for another four years. I enrolled as a college student at San Antonio College and worked as a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor. I studied fine arts and eventually earned by Associates of Art in Fine Arts from San Antonio College in 2020. Which brings me to now, I am a Veteran, Ballroom Dance Instructor, Visual Artist, Empowered Arts Studio Member, Amazon Delivery Driver, Transporter Technician for Compass Connections, and Senior college student at Ameri ... view more »

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