Marisa de Winter

Marisa de Winter is the author of Dismantle Repair: A Guide to Literary Alchemy. Originally a project for a high school course known as Independent Study Mentorship, the novel quickly gained interest from professionals in the literary criticism field. The depth and complexity of the work is the product of a year of extensive research regarding alchemy scientific history, Jung’s psychological theory, the literary effects, classroom teaching techniques, as well as an analysis of Suzanne Collins the Hunger Games series. She self-published the book at seventeen years old.

Professionally, Marisa de Winter gained quite a bit of momentum in the pageantry circuit over eight years. She won numerous titles. The most notable of these accomplishments include Miss Texas Teen 2013, Miss Teen San Antonio Belleza Latina 2012, Miss Teen San Antonio Galaxy 2007, and National Cover Model 2006.

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My artwork reflects taking life at a snail's pace. I capture the small moments which usually go unseen. First photographing, then adapting into paintings with acrylic or oil pastel. These creations uncover the significance in simplicity.


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