Mars Woodhill

Amazing 4 yr old Cora exclaims \\\'I\\\'m part of the rock\\\' as she interacted with sculpture \\\'Elements of Nature - Series III - Earth\\\', 2021, mixed media, 81\\\"x32\\\"x50\\\"

I regard my work as an abstract study of the relationship between man and nature.

For the past 15 years I’ve utilized fluid mediums and avoided manmade tools. By mimicking the scientific processes by which our earth was created and continues to change, such as fluid dynamics, pressure, movement, adaptation to obstruction, etc, the work looks geomorphic. Many viewers see geodes, earth formations, implosions, striations, explosions, swirls, etc. Most of the paintings are larger formats such as 72 x 72 in order to provide an immersive experience.

About 3 years ago, I was at a crossroads, ready to explore new materials from the land I live on in the Hill Country and seeking to more directly involve the viewer. Hoping to further the connection between man and nature, I integrated reflective as well as natural materials, such as wood, metals, soil, into the sculptures and wall work. I’m currently  completing various series based on the ‘Five Elements of Nature’ concept, which ancient cultures developed to classify and explain the world around them.

Born in Austin, I obtained a BA in Art and American History from Austin college in Sherman, Tx. My large scale paintings have been exhibited widely in Texas, the Northeast and nationally.  As founder of the Texas Art House contemporary gallery in 2016 in Johnson City, Texas, I curated solo and group exhibitions featuring Texas artists, until returning to my studio work full time in 2018.


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