Martin C. Rodriguez

Martín C. Rodríguez is a Texas born Puerto Rican artist. A sound and interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of 4D performance and site-specific installation with integrated technologies.

Exploration of one’s culture helps reveal and enhance your underlying identity – your unique meaning, value, and character – of the physical and social form.  As a first-generation mainland Puerto Rican, I have been creatively connecting with my Taino heritage through performance and interdisciplinary work incorporating my indigenous past, present, and future; predominately as my given alter ego, Ro-Matúm.

The body can be brutal and telling in its simplicity as a medium, yet provides the softness which allows an artist themself to become the work of art. Through the use of cinematic influences, cultural references, and the exploration of portraits created through memories, I present these notions with sound, installations, and strenuous body movements. The intention for the viewer is to experience a compelling format and to imagine who these developed characters are, what their story is, and where it will lead. With the expression of time-based narratives, I activate spaces and connect with the public, while embracing the moment. Time, presence, potential energy, technology, sound, and silence.

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  • A performance by Martín C Rodríguez for \'Nightmare on Flores St.\' at the 1906 Gallery, San Antonio, TX. October 27, 2017, with The UTSA New Media Collective. The U.S. government\'s response in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017 fell short. The wife of the governor to the island sent gifts to all the Mayors in towns that were without power for more than 55 days. The gifts consisted of a single candle sent to each Mayor. This act was perceived as a blatant insult, and a clear indication that all Puerto Ricans were left to fight for themselves, and each other. No Man\'s Land was my response to a situation that I personally felt helpless to contribute to. Filmed by Mark and Angela Walley

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