Mary Margaret Johnson

Mary Margaret Johnson was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, and received her BA in Fine Arts at Sewanee: The University of the South in 2018. She received The Shepard’s Photography Award in 2016 for her photographic work. Mary Margaret has continued her photographic work in San Antonio while learning other mediums like large-scale murals, printmaking and mixed media painting. However, her true love is alternative photographic printing: cyanotypes, platinum-palladium, gum printing and salt printing.

Mary Margaret also received a minor in community and civic engagement. So, she is very passionate about working in the community, specifically when using art as a tool for community and civic engagement/development. She was a part of Zamni Foto from 2015-2018, a community development project in Cange, Haiti. In 2021, she assisted in managing Lionel Sosa’s “Living In My Skin” project. 

Her current work uses the cyanotype process to create with flowers and leaves collected in San Antonio and the surrounding area as well as film negatives. The photographs shown are from rolls of film shot on her grandmother’s camera. These are nostalgic moments from her life -both painful, beautiful, and everything in between. The cyanotypes are inspired by her grandma and namesake, Peggy (Margaret). She died of ovarian cancer in 2015 and was the only other artist in the family. This body of work connects Mary Margaret to her by working with natural materials – just as she did.

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