Matthew Legare

Portrait of the Artist as a total whackjob - courtesy of Robert Reinmann

Tobias the Adequate (the persona au gratin of performer and creative loon Matthew Legare) has been performing at fairs and festivals for over 30 years now – a Magician, a Storyteller, and now, due to a printing error, a Musician with the “Troubadork” show.

The “Troubadork” show features Tobias telling stories and singing songs of his people (Geeks, Nerds, and Goofballs).  Family-friendly without being “kid stuff”, he sings a mix of original songs about Useless Magic Swords, the Fae (and can ya trust ’em), aggro octopi, trebuchets, Irish Music, flying around on mops throwing squid at each other, caffeinated radioactive sea monsters, CHEESEHENGE, the occasional Jimmy Buffet tune, und DEFENESTRATION, JA!

His goal is to achieve at least one beverage-snarfle per performance, and reminds you that if one person does something dumb, it’s dumb, but if a BUNCH of people do something dumb, in unison, they’re probably at one of his shows.

At no time will Tobias perform all of “Rocky Road to Dublin”.  You’re welcome.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My goal is to give folks who come to my performances a chance to be silly, laugh, perhaps clap (I have the utmost faith in my audience's ability to maintain a downbeat) and maybe come away with a story or two after the show.

When I say I sing the songs of my people - Geeks, Nerds, and Goofballs - I mean this with the utmost love and appreciation for all the different subjects and themes that might fall into that grouping.  I "made my performers bones" at Renaissance Festivals all over the western part of the US before landing here in Texas, and having that kind of interaction with my audience - we're here at an objectively goofy event, and we're all in on the joke - is the key to how I engage with folks when I'm on stage.

Most of my songs are original - because no one else is enough of a doof to write these things - and thematically the musical styles go all over the place.  "Kaiju Coffee" has been deemed "Surf Punk" by someone who should know,  "Fishpuncher" sounds like something Lyle Lovett might have noodled out one afternoon, "Socially, Emotionally Distant" could have been written by Hank Williams Sr...  I've been accused of writing "earworms" and, under duress, I'll agree.

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