Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez, a San Antonio native, grew up in the theatre. In the past year, she has been featured in “Hope and Camaradas” a barrio teatro play by Mono Aguilar, “Un Nuevo Capitulo” an American Novela by Patricia Zamora and most recently she played Patsy in “Las Nuevas Tamaleras” by Alicia Mena. She has been performing as a stage directions reader and also made her directorial debut in 2022 with “The Politics of Modern Love”, the Overtime Theatre’s New Playwright’s Development Series. She is currently under contract for Jump-Start Performance Co. theatre festival “Screaming Into the Void: Facing the Storm” as (Willona/Ensemble) premiering Feb. 2023 and “Chato’s Bridge” by Mono Aguilar showcasing March 2023 at The Guadalupe Theater.

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