I am a middle-aged classically trained vocalist with a degree in voice performance from SAC. During my college years, I was a two-time- honors recital performer and with all-academic recognition. I also sang the National Anthem at the 2012 Commencement Exercises. I have also been awarded scholarships, namely the SAC Annual Halloween Scholarship and the Jack Skiles Texas Music Association 2ND place scholarship.

In the original music realm under the band ‘Despot Lounge’, we were recognized as an outstanding local band by a San Antonio Musicians guild.  I have also recorded at 5th street studios in Austin Tx, Firehouse Studios in San Marcos Tx, and currently study mixing and engineering under Scott Levi, a student of Jeff Lynn of ELO.

Years of experience in live audio, lighting and stage have contributed greatly to the totality of my artistic visions. While running audio at Trinity University’s Laurie Auditorium, I learned basic AV skills as well as working with top tier talent, high level politicians, and current mavericks of the science and literary world.

All these skills have led to the culmination of my gifts through the gift of storytelling, beginning with music. I hope by flexing my strongest artistic gifts I can help facilitate bigger projects to help bring awareness, peace, and harmony to a troubled world.




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'Mentor'  is a San Antonio-based psychedelic grunge band seeking to reignite the flames of sentimental, heavy melodic rock and roll. Fronted and composed by Ruben Jimenez (music degree-holding operatic vocalist), Mentor displays a wide range of emotional landscapes from aggressive swagger to crestfallen self-reflection. Follow them on their journey to carry the torch of rock and roll into the uncertain, but brave future that lies ahead.



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