Michael Pasko

I’m a self taught wood artist. I taught myself how to bring lumber to life. I learned how to do my craft in a storage facility on Fredericksburg road and deep on the West side of town as a homeless man for over 20 years . Fast forward up until 2021, I’m still doing my Art and have had great success in my quest to make my pieces look like real and ALIVE.  I now have a studio gallery and shop. I have done very well since those days as a homeless man over 40 years ago’

I grew up in a very bad abusive times as a kid and found a sense of wellness and piece and love when I worked with wood. There was no place to go to learn of the natural talents and gifts I had no money to go to college and no school I could go to to learn about my personal talents. 

I went homeless and learned all I know about my working with wood through the hardest times of my life. I believed that God told me that I had this talent from him. Looking back since over 40 years ago I know its true, we all have been given talents and gifts within us that have genius potential with life time development of the talents and gifts we all have within us but where do you go to learn? That’s why I teach  about the truth that we should use our talents and gifts and how to develop your gifts and talents. I do my work to show others my natural talents that I learned through no education and to help others to know that there is something great about each one of us. 




  • 100k glass beads

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