Michael St. Clair

Monarch Man

Mike St. Clair was the beneficiary of five years of scholarship to Trinity University, where he excelled in the arts. He had the privilege to study sculpture and drawing from Phil Evett, painting and interior design as Elizabeth Ridenhower’s student assistant, and printmaking from Bob Tiemann. His interest in advertising allowed him to also study film, photography, and broadcasting as his minor degree. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a Mass Communications Interdisciplinary Degree in Journalism. He pursued a career in printing, advertising, and graphic design in the Houston Metroplex for over 45 years. This successful pursuit ended in 2019 when he retired early to his home in San Antonio. Currently, he is relaunching his advertising consulting firm, PARA/Graphics, in the southside community of his youth. Mr. St. Clair now has more time to devote to creative art. His painting mentor, Elizabeth Ridenhower, predicted one day he would “return to his love of painting, art and sculpture” when the time was right. He believes now is the time and has begun working again actively, in his home studio in San Antonio. He is actively seeking Fine Art commissions and endeavors. You may examine PARA/Graphics and Mike’s recent work at www.para-graphics.com.

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Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Mike St. Clair's ability is a gift! He can mimic and recreate any style of art, or image he can see, and often experiments with different styles and techniques. He can manage budgets and understands time limits. However, the mantra ingrained by his formal, progressive education and his personal creative nature, cries out to "Break the Rules"! Mike St. Clair believes that a project publicly funded MUST serve and enhance the community in a monumental and impactful statement. It should allow the audience the opportunity to enjoy its' artfulness, while subtlety causing them to think on a new level. We should adhere to the lessons of the Renaissance Masters, creating public art that has distinction and function. It must incorporate community pride, or the aspirations of the people who come to view and experience it. Should you dare to select Mike St. Clair for your project, be prepared to accept acclaim over controversy, recognition over criticism, beauty over mediocrity, and talented purpose over a need for fame and income.

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