Michael Stoltz

Michael Stoltz is an artist and educator from San Antonio TX. While studying at San Antonio College and UTSA, he became an active member of the San Antonio art community and has participated in multiple group shows and has had 2 solo shows. Michael’s art has always been personal and autobiographical, communicating his experiences and life lessons. More recently, his practice has centered around minimalist repetitive abstract paintings inspired by a period of time working with  Vipassana meditation. These experiences also led to the creation of his ongoing artistic project, Painbunny. 

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Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Painbunny is inspired by the writing of Eckart Tolle and his concept of the "pain body". According to his idea, the pain body is a separate living entity that is in us, but is not us, but at times, can become us. The concept of Painbunny is grounded in the idea that pain is an inevitable part of the human experience, through acceptance and observation, we can transform it into a source of growth and awareness. The images used in Painbunny are taken from the world of men's high-end fashion ads, which model, perpetuate and glorify harmful norms of masculine pain. These images are ripped from their context and ran directly through a laser printer. Some compositions are first made entirely digital, but still printed layer by layer with each image printed on top of the previous by re-feeding the printout back into the printer.  

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