Michael Tidwell

Vermilion Verdict by Michael Tidwell

I am a San Antonio based photographer and print maker practicing a wide array of photographic techniques including modern digital photography, large format photography, lightning photography, landscape photography, Headshot Photography, and historical pre-film photographic methods dating to before the civil war such as cyanotype, albumen, salted paper, and gum bichromate. As a practicing organic chemist and an artist, I enjoy pursuing opportunities to merge my passions for chemistry and photography. As a Research Scientist in drug discovery, I work with a team of medicinal chemists discovering and developing new drugs using the art of organic chemistry. With this background, I have a natural affinity to these pre-digital handmade processes where the final images result entirely from chemistry. If I was asked to describe my focus as an artist and a photographer, I would say that I strive to produce works that are unique, authentic, and extremely diverse. As for uniqueness, my favorite compositions, such as Case Rio Prism are the result of the age-old methods of patience and luck mixed with a little bit of skill to know exactly when to trip the shutter to capture magic moments that are impossible to reproduce. I am a member at the River Art Gallery in the La Villita Historic Arts Village where you can find me and my art on second Sundays. I have also been a member and past president of the ViewFinders Photography Club.

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