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Saakred at the Blanton Museum of Art

Critically acclaimed artist, Saakred has been featured locally, regionally and nationally including perforamcnes at the Empire Theater, Luminaria Arts Festival, Navajo Nation Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art, the McNay Art Museum and more. As a musician, Saakred has shared the stage with internationally recognized acts including Coco Rosie, Prayers and Venezuelan singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart. Through performance, sound, and video, Saakred has been probing interests in both scholars and punk aficianados alike. Pushing in and out of post-colonial performativity, what began as an earnest attempt at self-healing, quickly grew into a conceptual stage for testing the limits of public vulnerability and sensorial experimentalism. Through dynamic and confrontational modalities, the SA native has been described as one of San Antonio’s “most original and intense performers” (SA Current).


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