Mike menchaca

Mike Menchaca

I was born and raised in San Antonio’s West Side where I attended JFK High School in 2000. After graduating college, I successfully ran the family construction business for 15 years. About 8 years ago, I began to imagine a business that could be my creative outlet. Throughout my life, I have devised, performed, and created a variety of projects and crafts. With these thoughts, Native Bear Jewelry & Crafts was born. I am proud of the unique leather jewelry line that I have created. I wanted to design something that was indicative of my Native American heritage and culture while still unique. I was in the 3rd year of Native Bear’s journey when Covid hit. I was doing art shows such as the Riverwalk Artisan Show, First Friday, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off and a variety of others. Since then, I have switched my aim to more online sales and social media. I am currently working on increasing my social media presence to help me highlight the features of my unique designs. Some of these unique features include:  The way I inlay silver and other precious metals in my leather. I set my stones to touch the skin of the wearer. My survival series bracelets have a whistle, compass, knife, fire starter, etc…  I look forward to manifesting more of my designs.

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My passion is innovation. I enjoy mixing my culture with functional design and unique features. 

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