Monica Bosch

Mónica Bösch

I am a color alchemist and texture shifter, a maker that can bring all sensations to any surface through a mastery of color and shapes intermixed with hidden magic words.

Since my early years in my home city, Mexico, I enjoyed working with my  hands and creating spaces and objects.

My passion took me to Cancun, where I flourished and mastered techniques as an abstract artist and became part of a growing artist community that became family.

My inspiration comes from  memories of a colorful Mexico, my dreams, and passion for traveling, my own internal journey to live in connection with my soul and spirit as well as a drive to help bring light to people’s hearts through my art. In the Mexican Caribbean, I was part and founder of Trio Gallery and Pulso Terra Gallery where I was invited by great colleagues and friends to create this collective showroom as a gift from the artists to the city.

My work has been exhibited  solo in the Cancun International Airport Gallery, Dolce Vita restaurant / gallery  Irori gourmet/galley both in Cancun, as well as several group exhibits in Yucatan Museum of Contemporary Art (MACAY)(2006,2007 and 2008), The International Association of Barcelona of Contemporary Art and Culture (AIBACC) in Spain (2008,2009), The Institute of Mexico in Belize (20014). The Hanna Baccoc Bush Gallery I Houston Texas, (2015, 2016), and most recently at Flight Gallery at the Blue Star Complex in SA. My work as a muralist can be found in schools thro

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Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My passion for art began at a young age, and I have devoted my life to learning and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. And I have found that the possibilities are endless.

What drives me as an artist is the ability to create something that can take people on a journey, evoke emotions, and inspire them to see their inner world in a different way. Every stroke of the brush, every hue of color, every line and shape is a reflection of my inner self and my desire to share the possibility of an inner journey to my public.

As an alchemist of colors and shapes, I believe that art is a powerful tool for transformation. It can heal wounds, bring people together, and create a sense of community. It can also challenge beliefs, spark conversation, and inspire change. Art is not just a visual expression; it is a language that can transcend borders, cultures, and time.

I believe that collaboration is essential in creating meaningful art. Whether it's working with other artists, community organizations, or individuals, I am always excited to bring my skills and vision to the table. Together, we can create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Through my art, I hope to inspire people to see the beauty in themselves and the world around them. I hope to cultivate a sense of empathy, compassion, and kindness in others. And most importantly, I hope to contribute to a better world through the power of art.

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