Monica Sosa

Flower Friends is a floral exchange and mutual aid initiative in Central Texas, founded by Monica A. Sosa (Brownsville, TX native). This labor of love aims to celebrate and empower community members by co-creating spaces that explore our roots and allow for us to celebrate one another through floral beauty and/or creative expression.

Boca Chica, Corazón Grande is a community archival project focused on collecting and documenting the history and geography of Boca Chica Beach. This collaborative initiative uses the power of memory, storytelling and archiving to preserve and celebrate the cultural richness of our communities and land. 

We’re inviting community members to Bring Your Own Memories and submit physical home movies, photographs, and/or historical documents centered around your experience of Boca Chica Beach. Folks will also have an opportunity to participate in our oral stories interviews. Items and stories collected for this project will be carefully inspected, digitized and preserved in a public database for present and future generations to explore. 

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