Nailah Carew

Hello there! My name is Nailah Carew or Afro The Art Babe on social media! I am a self-taught Illustrator, Digital Artist, and self-published coloring book author currently located in San Antonio, Texas! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but never had a chance to sit down and learn digital art till March of 2020. With that motivation, I decided to hone in on this skill, and grow into my dream of being a full-time artist! Since then, I’ve come to specialize in using the following programs: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Designer, Figma and Canva! Learning this new art medium has really helped me evaluate what I truly wanted in life career wise. My drawing style has been influenced by a multitude of areas, such as Japanese animation, 90’s Western cartoons, video games, fashion, nature, and my everyday life in general! I primarily draw black women in different aesthetics and environments since we are so dynamic and beautiful! I aim to showcase our power and our softness through my art; one brush stroke at a time!

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