Nain Leon

I am an interdisciplinary artist born in Mexico City, now living in San Antonio, Texas.

My work includes photography, installation, animation, and film. Through my art, I explore themes such as consumerism, technological alienation, social inclusion, human indifference, emotional abuse, existentialism and philosophy. 

My creations have been published in renowned magazines and websites such as FAHRENHEIT MAGAZINE, 500PX, GET INSPIRED, UNAM and PHOTOVOGUE, and exhibited in galleries across North America. 

As a brand ambassador of Canon Latin-American, I share my artistic process and creates content that inspires others.

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My interdisciplinary art practice is a reflection of my deep concern for the state of our planet, our toxic relationships with technology, and the existential problems we face as a species. I believe that art has the power to challenge and provoke, and I use photography, film, video, installation, and animation to create immersive experiences that invite viewers to consider the complexities of these urgent issues.

My style is marked by a raw, emotionally charged approach that is meant to convey the urgency of our current situation. I am interested in using experimental techniques and multimedia approaches to create work that is multi-layered and thought-provoking.

My philosophy is grounded in the belief that art can inspire change. By addressing issues such as damage to the environment, technological alienation, existential problems, and toxic human relationships, I hope to create work that encourages viewers to engage in critical reflection and dialogue. Ultimately, my goal is to create work that is not only aesthetically engaging, but also has the potential to foster positive transformation and inspire collective action

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  • Installation at Museum Instituto Cultural Mexico. Plastic Humanity 2022


  • Existential worms 2018-2021A mysterious traveler in search of the meaning of his existence begins a journey that will take him through the subconscious to find unexpected situations and answers. Winner: Best short Film at Lost river film fest 2022

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