Nain Leon

Nain Leon is a multidisciplinary artist, who was born in Mexico City , and currently lives in the city of San Antonio, Texas. His work focuses on photography, installation and video.

His pieces show characters who confront our reality as a society. The topics he addresses are: consumerism in society, technological alienation, social inclusion, human indifference, emotional abuse, his own experiences and diverse dreams.

His work has been published in different magazines and websites such as: FAHRENHEIT MAGAZINE (Mexico), 500PX (Canada), GET INSPIRED (Holland), PHOTOVOGUE (Italy).

Leon has been exhibited in Mexico, Canada and the United States

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"Inhabiting the silence" There are places in the world where breathing clean air is an almost impossible situation, countries like China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Mexico top this list. The health consequences are catastrophic, we can see people with respiratory diseases, chronic asthma and allergies. One of the main causes of these problems is massive deforestation, an activity that to date has destroyed 50% of the forests on planet earth and leaves us with unfortunate climate change for future generations. Inhabiting Silence is a mini installation planned to take a larger format that tells us about those who have no voice, those who cannot defend themselves, those who help us purify the air, offer us food and even their wood. With this project, my intention is to create an experience that evokes a sense of discomfort intended to provoke self-reflection about what we do and do not do to help the environment.

'The shape of the trees" I always thought that the trees were of different shades of green, sometimes orange, reddish or brown and his body could be described as round, oval, cone-shaped, in elongated shapes. Today is different, today I only see paper and uninhabited futures. Thanks Pandemic and unsensitive people

"The paradise of Narcissus contemporary" We go for a walk in FACEBOOK, there are forests full of emojis, countless seas of images, deserts infested with followers, rivers full of comments, prairies crowded with human sheep, endless jungles of "I like". It is time to go to the garden to harvest and feed the Narcissus that we carry inside, an image, a phrase and the food comes by itself, many likes, many comments and many people sharing. The Narcissus has satisfied his hunger for this moment. FACEBOOK is the new mirror where we see the image we have created from ourselves, what will happen when the mirror breaks?

"Where have you been heart?"

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  • Human Toximeter Every minute in the United States 24 people suffer some form of abuse by an intimate partner, many of these individuals are unaware of their level of abuse. These occurrences happen because of the lack of healthy relationship education and mutual respect for the partner\'s boundaries. In addition, make-believe couples on TV and movies set bad examples to the public, particularly youngadults, on how effective relationships should work. They often promote a fundamentally problematic and toxic behavior whose dangerous message can lead to the development of harmful behaviors in their real-life relationships and, in turn, normalize violence and abuse. Through my work, I invite the viewer to reflect on their own uncomfortable experiences.

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