Nancy Nance


Between the ages of 1 and 3, I lived with my maternal grandparents in a one bedroom house my grandfather built in rural Southeast Texas. It was a Garden of Eden with vegetables, fruits, flowers, grapevines, bees, birds and me. This was my playground and classroom where I learned colors, shapes and shadows that changed with the time of day and the seasons. In the hot Texas sun, I often climbed on the limbs of my grandfather’s fig trees and looked up to blue sky.  I appreciate color, movement, spontaneity, humor, quiet understatement, invention and mastery of technique.  I have been an artist since the age of four, when my stepfather, a professional artist in oil painting, taught me the use of basic art supplies.

If I live to be 100, I will never forget a time in my 20s when I stood in a Chicago museum looking up at a large John Singer Sargent painting towering over me; it was the moment I first knew that art could be powerful. 

I carry a small sketchbook for notes and sketches of my vision of a finished piece for later use in my little studio. I have worked in watercolor, collage, pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel, lithograph, silkscreen, assemblage, mixed media, and now acrylic. My artwork is eclectic, whimsical and thought provoking.  Originally self-taught in creating collage, watercolor and pencil, my college coursework included varied interests of art, interior design, journalism and communication.  I have worked in the applied arts of interior design and floral design w

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