Nathan Felix

Nathan Felix (born 1981) is a Mexican-American, music composer known for his immersive operas and experimental films. His music has been premiered in Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Mongolia and the United States and his music has been featured on the BBC, MTV, NPR & PBS.

Before the pandemic, Felix completed two critically acclaimed commissions for immersive opera. Alien Wanderers : Alien World : Alien Home featured soloist Katrina Saporsantos and addressed discrimination and issues surrounding the United States’ southern border, marginalized groups and reappropriation of borders, premiered at Blanton Museum on Nov 21, 2019. A Dream is a Dream is a Dream is a Dream… a ‘silent’ headphone opera about fictional conversations between artist heavyweights from the Surrealist movement and Pop Art movement premiered at McNay Museum on Nov 7, 2019.

In 2016, Felix was featured on PBS and nominated for a Lonestar Emmy for work on his 6-Piano project in which he restored six pianos for a concert featuring two new compositions. After the concert, Felix donated the pianos to schools in lower income neighborhoods in Austin. The 6 Piano Project has since been commissioned in San Antonio (2016), Barcelona (2017), Melbourne (2017) and Houston (2019).

In 2018, Felix won awards for his “Opera on a Bus” and the “2018 Tobin Prize for Artistic Excellence” for which he premiered is “Headphone Opera” titled, THE WAR BRIDE at Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival. Then in 2019,

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  • Nathan Felix, composer & director


  • This is a music & video montage of, The War Bride, a headphone opera by composer Nathan Felix, follows a WWII bride, Jean Groundsell Contreras, from Britain as she faces new challenges as an immigrant in the USA in the 1940's. The opera follows Jean as she migrates to America by entering New York via the SS Saturnia and then down to the border of Texas & Mexico via train where she witnesses the beautiful landscapes the country has to offer. Jean faces challenges of a new culture in Nuevo Laredo and she worries if her children and grandchildren will face the discrimination she endured. The opera premiered on November 10th in San Antonio Texas at Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival.

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  • Inspired by the movement for 'Freedom for Öcalan, Öcalan is an expression of admiration for the spirit of the Kurds, inspired by their resilience, resistance and belief in the joy of life. The remarkable awakening of the consciousness and political activism of the Kurdish people in recent years has been engendered by the remarkable leadership and writings of Abdullah Öcalan. Despite enduring decades of incarceration removed entirely from the world, his people and denied all human contacts, Öcalan still communicates through his words and as a living example of the essential strength of the Kurdish spirit. credits released October 15, 2020 COMPOSER: Nathan Felix PRODUCER: Nathan Felix ENGINEER: Erik Wofford MIX & MASTER: Erik Wofford ENSEMBLE Soprano: Katrina Saporsantos Alto: Robbie LaBanca Tenor: Trevor Shaw Bass: Steven Long Cello: Henna Chou Violin: Emily Bishop Violin: Matt Hemenway Piano: Benji Dia Piano (solo for Penaber): Richard Castillo

  • This headphone opera follows a WWII bride from Britain as she faces new challenges as an immigrant in the USA in the 1940's. The opera comes full circle to the present day with immigration as a focus at the Rio Grande border in Texas. CHARACTERS: Jean Groundsell Contreras (Soprano), Joe Contreras (Tenor), Neville Chamberlain (Tenor), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Baritone), Shipman (Baritone), US Customs Officer (Baritone), Grandchild of Jean & Joe (Tenor), Juan (Baritone). THE CHORUS: People, the Ocean, Whispers

  • Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. Inspired by mood, atmosphere, and cinematography from the likes of David Lynch’s "Twin Peaks", Jodorowsky’s "Holy Mountain" and Nicolas Winding’s "Drive and Only God Forgives", Composer Nathan Felix set out to capture a hypnotic melding of colors and music for his choral symphony, Neon Heaven. Felix trekked through Mount Qingcheng in Chengdu, China for 8 months, writing daily as the mountains revealed echoes of monastic liturgy that provided his soundscape. Sung in Latin, the recording then took place over a 5-day period in an abandoned warehouse in East Austin in the hot summer of Texas. Without air-conditioning and little light, the performers ascended to hallucinogenic levels of expression. Sounds on the record evoke a wide range of feelings, at times hinting of a dark Mendelssohn with other moments sitting in pockets with pop sensibilities. Neon Heaven premiered live at SPOT Festival in Denmark in May of 2015. The album was released world wide in May of 2016.