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My works can be characterized by organic elements of present day realism with accents of modern industrial stylizations, 2 dimensional imagery, vivid colors, wide gradients, and defined POV.   Living objects or giving motion to inanimate objects captured through my original work embody scenes with life, energy and movement that resonates with the viewer.

Through murals I challenge my perception of what is possible through larger scales inspiring creativity and imagination through public installation- fostering a sense of connection within the community.

The evolution of my work has grown to incorporate interactive elements that encourages people to touch, explore, and interact with the installation.  My current commission invites viewers to explore and interact with physical spaces that is both deeply engaging and highly accessible.

As our relationship with technology continues to evolve, I am excited by the limitless possibilities that exist for artists to create new forms of interactive, immersive, and socially-engaging works.  

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My tenure as a professional artist evolves by project.  I began painting dog portraits with acrylic mediums on stretched canvas in 2017 as gifts for my friends.  During the 2019 Covid Pandemic, like many, I was given the opportunity to fully reconnect with past passions.  I answered the call for a  creative studio session with @PalladiumArts for the sole purpose of creating epic art.  I continued the cadence of creative turned collaborative calls dedicated to creating large scale creative commissions.  Friends became mentors.  Canvases became walls.  Hobbies became a profession.  Corporate America became an afterthought.  

As a muralist and public artist, my work engages and transforms experiences that connect the installations with the environment.  My style is characterized by bold colors, saturating realism with vivid colors, and a stylizing movement and energy that captures attention and inspires imagination of passersby.  My style evolves as new opportunities are discovered.  I find fulfillment through creating.  The application of the imagination is a beautiful cycle which needs amplification.  I support creative works of all trade or discipline that inspires fellow humans and to apply their gifts towards a more fulfilling existence.  My artistic accomplishments are merited by the completion of courageous works by pushing the the project into the uncomfortable, to find the sweet spot between unreal and ordinary to positively impact the world.

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  • Gallery 2 - NICHOLAS MONROE
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  • Gallery 4 - NICHOLAS MONROE
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  • Sunflowers on Lattice, mixed media on canvas, 24in x 36in

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