Nicole Moore

N. Marie Photography

Nicole Moore, originally from San Antonio, works and photographs in the city she calls home, which has cultivated not only her attention to detail but has grounded her in its cherished traditions. Her roots and her engagement in the arts and music community have consistently strengthened and expanded.

She focuses on event photography, such as literary, dance & art performances, festivals, and community activities, having worked closely with non-profits such as Arte y Pasión, and The Flamenco Arts Society of San Antonio. She also works frequently with Carmens de la Calle, documenting jazz & world music performers, and flamenco musicians, dancers, and shows.

Moore writes on LinkedIn, “we can help shape the environment in which we live by focusing on the beauty that transcends us, and by addressing the injustices that impede us, and this active expression of value is often shared through the creative arts.”

Her images capture moments in time, so as to preserve and document important occasions and the people participating in those gatherings.

Some projects she is proud to include on her “curriculum vitae” are Valiant Women Then and Now (2021), portraits celebrating local activists and artists working to bring justice, equality, and visibility to their communities, and a solo exhibit Along the Way: Moments Captured in Nature, Dance & Life (2018), both showings arranged by art department chair Brian St. John, of St. Mary’s University.


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