Nigel Cunningham-Williams

With Heartless the Monster, a combination of things make his art gleam. From his vocal
delivery, cadence and lyrical themes, to the beats that he’s picked to rap and sing over, he
devours mics with his baritone vocals. And, oh yeah, during his live shows, he sometimes busts
out a saxophone to rip a solo. F*ck. Yes.”
– The San Antonio Current

Born Nigel Williams, San Antonio-based rapper, singer, songwriter Heartless the Monster, has
been releasing heart wrenching and infectious lyrics since 2014, captivating listeners with
smooth, baritone vocals and lyrics that dissect love and relationships.
His music lands somewhere between groovy R&B, catchy pop earworms and by-the-books
hip-hop. The Alamo City rapper has released 2 full-length projects as well as a collaboration
with newcomer R&B singer, Yvng Hanshi, for the Christmas EP Why Did We Do This.

The first of those projects, 2018’s I dreamt of you in colors that don’t exist, embraces
storytelling, as Heartless details a relationship he was in from the moment they met through
their heartbreaking split. This was the first project he recorded in an actual studio, and it was the
first breakup he dealt with sober, as he spent the majority of his adolescence lost in his
addiction. Music, and the pursuit of it, was the one constant in his life.
“When I got sober in late 2014 I realized how many other addicts like me never get the 2nd
chance I’d been given, they never get a chance to do things right or chase their dreams and

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