Nina Diaz

My music career began at the age of 13, as the main songwriter and front woman for San Antonio’s own all female alternative band, Girl in a Coma. By the time I turned 22 years old, we had released four albums on Joan Jetts’ Label Black Heart Records and toured all over the United States and overseas. I spent a good chunk of my time lost in a haze of stages. Stages of drug addiction, depression, and a victim of narcissistic abuse. The program in my mind that focused on likes and followers as true success got flushed out when I inevitably found my balance after my first solo album. True success as an artist became success in recovery from drug addiction, setting boundaries and allowing myself to take up space. After twenty years of traveling, writing and now a full-time solo artist, I can now confidently express and answer that question every artist cringes at when asked: What is it you’re trying to say in your art? I am a healer, a leader and strive to connect to those who may feel alone or misunderstood through my music, videos and paintings.

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  • "Static Mind" music by Girl in a Coma, Directed by Jim Mendiola. Lyrics and Melody written by Nina Diaz

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