Paola Sanchez

I’m a hardcore Gamer Nerd from Puerto Rico living in the States. I graduated with a Degree in 3D Animation and Concept Art for Video Games. I have always loved video games since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s and 90’s!

From the Art of Letters and Graffiti to murals, paintings, concept art for video games, computer science and education, I am a teaching artist and substitute teacher for SAISD. I am a Visual Arts Director: Wrote and implemented Art curriculums for 1-5th Grade.

My Street Art gallery is on E. Houston Street located at Vibes Event Center. I curated and created events to showcase Graffiti and Street Art downtown San Antonio, with over 60 artist in a span of 2 years.

My paintings and murals can also be found at Boiler House located at The Pearl.

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My mother is a fine artist herself, so I grew up in the art gallery scene all over the US and Puerto Rico. From setting up galleries, social networking, promoting and breaking down events. All of this prepared me once I started to create my own style of art. Growing up in Puerto Rico, graffiti was everywhere, and I dedicated my life to it. From painting in the streets of PR to now curating the largest Graffiti Gallery in San Antonio, I am only looking for new things to continue to showcase my passion for the arts.


I love teaching students about the history of Graffiti and its impact on HIP HOP Puerto Ricans had from the 70s-2020.

Teaching includes color theory, Spray Paint, materials, mural concepts, and how to start and complete a mural,


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