Paul Hurd


I am a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where I was first exposed to art after being “booted” out of the high school band. Following completion of high school, I entered the United States Air Force which I retired from after and obtaining the rank of Chief Master Sergeant and 30 years of service. I am a self taught sculptor and above all a story teller. My artistic interest spans from clay-sculpture to woodcarving. I have a particular passion for making functional items that include furniture, canes and staffs in which I incorporates my unique style of artistic motifs, symbols, and religious iconography. My work fuses my African American heritage with the influence of southwest and Latino themes that derive from my many years in San Antonio. My figurative clay and woodworks convey narrative themes that range from commentary on faith and social mores, to representations of cultural heritage. I enjoy detail and precision with every thing I create that will enhance the narrative nature of my sculptural work.

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  • Paul Hurd talks in detail about an oak wood walking-staff work-in-progress.

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