Polina Pavlinina

Hi, my name is Polina, I’m an artist.
Expressing myself by creating art is something I can’t imagine life without. The inspiration comes from nature, our surroundings and reflections of my past experiences that endlessly stimulate imagination. It’s amusing to find things that one might consider sickening and create a story that makes them look somewhat attractive. I like to place a viewer into imaginary landscapes with lots of vivid flowers to get carried away. My vision of beauty is a constant pursuit of extraordinary and surreal via art.

I create detailed and eye-catching pieces for clients using different media and surfaces. Drawing skills include ability to create naturalistic images as wells as making minimalist drawings (using pencils, pens, gouache, watercolor, mixed media) and mastery use of acrylics.

I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and currently gaining experience in digital art. 

I am always open for new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects. Please email polina.pavlinina@gmail.com for inquiries.

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